Round Trip
Yucatan's Hidden Treasures Round Trip

8 Days 7 Nights

Group: 2 - 10 People

Mexico - Yucatan Peninsula

9.5 Superb


This is a special program for those who wish to travel not only to the Yucatan Peninsula but also to the south-eastern part of this giant country, who want to know the greatest civilization of all time and like the unique programs that leave the usual tourist routes. Our tour leads to the hidden places that stay uncovered to most tourists. Our unique program explores the hidden treasures of the Yucatan Peninsula, recognizing not only the Maya culture and history but also the natural attractions of the region are part of our program. Meanwhile, our trip leads through the beautiful colonial cities of Merida, Chicanna, Campeche and Valladolid getting to know local people's lives. At the same time, let us spice up our local road to get to know some Mexican specialties. Our comprehensive program is on the magnificent sandy beach of Maya Riviera, where the azure sea and all inclusive hotels in our offer will serve as a great place to rest after a massive cruise. Playa del Carmen's beautiful coastline offers many additional programs.

  • 8 Days 7 Nights
  • Group: up to 10 People
  • Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula.

Our memorable program, besides the largest Maya bastions and the most famous pyramid churches, leads to hidden archaeological areas inside the region enriching our experiences. This is how we get to Tulum and Chichen Itza, the archaeological areas of Kohunlich, Becan, Uxmal and Edzna. We will admire the pyramids emerging from the primeval forest in Palenque, bathe in the 35 meters high Misol-Ha waterfall, get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. Our accommodation is a biosphere reserve with untouched nature in Eco Lodge, and we also visit the Maya Museum where we get introduced to the Maya's history. The daily attractions are seasoned with interesting program elements like visiting a chocolate museum where we get to know the traditional way of making chocolate, taste the famous Maya hot chocolate, participate in a Maya ceremony, visit an Agave Plantation, Tequila distillery, but we also look at Merida’s local market for a little authentic experience. Our attraction-rich and exciting round trip do not miss the present-day colonial-style cities, giving you an insight view into the everyday life of locals. All this with local experts and guides in English language.

Dress Code

Casual, comfortable and light

Price Includes
  • Accommondation

  • Transportation during the program with Air Conditioned vehicle

  • Specialized tour guide

  • Breakfast at the hotels

  • Meet & Greet at the airport

  • Program according to description with meals and enrances indicated

Price Excludes
  • Flights

  • Visa (if required)

  • Tips, other costs not describen in the offer

  • Other programs not detailed in the description

  • Travel insurance

  • Local taxes in hotels

Tour Gallery
Tour Plan
  • Day 1: Arrival

    Arrive to Cancun airport. Meet & Greet at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation in Cancun. Evening free.
    Meal plan: None.

  • Day 2: Cancun – Tulum - Kohunlich – Chicanna

    Breakfast at the hotel and then visiting the Maya Museum to get to know the history and culture of the Mayas, which is a good start for our cruise. Then we head to the glory of the Caribbean Sea, Tulum, which is the most beautiful ruin amongst all. The city was founded around 1200 AD and was permanently inhabited until the arrival of Spanish conquerors until 1518. Tulum was one of the longest surviving Mayan cities, with a collapse of 1600. The ruins are surrounded by robust walls (also known as the "castle wall"), on the east side of the city on the other hand you can stare at the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Caribbean and have a breathtaking look to the horizon. Due to this unusual sight, the ancient name of the settlement is "Zama" or "Dawn". We will look at the most important buildings of the historic city center, "Castillo", "Temple of the Resignation God", "The Great Palace", and "The Fresco's Temple". In the meantime, you can admire the magnificent view of the beach, which is the second largest coral reef in the world, where you can easily create realistic postcards without any exaggeration. Then we continue our journey, swapping the beach to the tropical jungle, watching Kohunlich Maya ruined city that rises from dense primrose. Kohunlich is also famous for the Howler monkeys who live here on the top of the trees. The city, built between 250 and 600 BC, has more than 200 ruins, most of which are unexplored similar to other Maya ruins. Within the group of more than 8 buildings, we see the famous "Masks Temple" on the central stairway of the pyramid with a huge human face showing 8 impressive stucco masks, the balloon track, the former town's offices, religious and spiritual centers. Then we continue our trip to Chicanna, which was richly adorned with the buildings of the former Mayan elite. But it is also religious and spiritual, and in all its meanings, because of its natural altitude, it has a higher position, so its buildings are outstanding, and the Mayans thought it was so close to God and hosted many religious rituals. The remains of these buildings are also famous for their pattern of animals, one of the best known is the "House of the Serpent Mouth" in the "Snake House". We will continue our journey to the nearby biosphere reserve, where our accommodation will be in an Eco Lodge within the boarders of the nature reserve. Eco Village is an environmentally-conscious spirit, where you can relax and enjoy the sounds of the surrounding jungle or walk in the tropical garden of the hotel. In the evening we check in to our hotel. Evening at leisure. Meal plan: breakfast at the hotel, optional lunch during our trip and dinner in the hotel’s A’la carte restaurant. (Not included in the package!).

  • Day 3: Chicanna – Becan – Misol-Ha - Palenque

    Early breakfast in the hotel. Then we head to the Rio Bec district, within Becan, where we admire the masterpieces of the Rio Bec architectural style. This architectural style appeared in the VII. Century and was remarkable until the early XII. Century. Its uniqueness is that the pyramids were built with two twin nets, ending in characteristic peaks, thus increasing optically the structures. There are no rooms in the buildings and they had no function at all. They were only built for the spectacle. The illusion was the goal, not the function. They are full of false steps and entrances. It was the dominant political, military and economic power of the province. This is reflected in the architecture of the city, where monumental spaces and buildings were created, and symbolized the city's power and influence. Becan’s specialty is that a defense rampart was built around the city and the city itself was established behind it. 7 entrances through the defense rampart have been discovered until today. Its largest pyramid is 30 meters high. After our walk in the ruined city, we continue our journey and we admire the natural beauties of the area again. Our next destination is the stunning Misol-Ha waterfall. The waterfall falling down from the Misol-Ha river forms a fresh-water lake where you can bathe in the crystal clear water. Then we can take a walk in the neighborhood. The site has been safely established so you can take a stroll behind the waterfall and make great photos, but you can also admire the cave behind the waterfall. Here is a free time to swim, relax, have a small Caribbean siesta and enjoy the beauties of nature. In the afternoon, we head to Palenque, inside the mainland.

    In the evening we check in to our hotel. Evening at leisure. Meal plan: breakfast at the hotel, optional lunch during our trip and dinner in the hotel’s A’la carte restaurant. (Not included in the package!).

  • Day 4: Palenque – San Francisco de Campeche

    Breakfast at the hotel, then departure to the archeology area of ​​Palenque. Palenque is at least as important archeologically as Chichen Itzá or Uxmal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Palenque is located at the Tumbalá Mountains, looking down to the surrounding forest. A mystical and magical place to hide in the jungle. Mayan architects have created an artistic harmony with their platforms and temples in this excellent location surrounded by cedars and mahogany trees. Palenque is a place that archaeologists have been studied the most, and from where the wealthiest information of the Mayan culture comes from, but most of it is still a secret to us. We look at the richly decorated pyramid temples that tell the culture of their rituals for gods. We look at the Temple of Inscriptions in the "Temple of Initiations", which is without doubt the most significant piece in Palenque. Palenque is different from the rest of the Mayan ruined cities. Walking here while enjoying the silence of the forest, admiring the rich vegetation around us, or discovering the jungle-lined paths leading to Palenque's other smaller buildings, discovering this Mayan wonder is a unique experience. Then we are going to San Francisco de Campeche, the beautiful pirate town. It was the first town founded by Spanish conquerors in the Yucatan Peninsula in 1540. They discovered a hidden treasure here, tiny tree species that grew around the city, called "Longwood", which was used for orange-red dye paint, and thus gained great success in the European textile market, making them extremely rich. However, they could not enjoy a carefree richness, as Campeche had to endure countless pirate attacks, constantly fearing the English, French and Danish pirates who even destroyed the city several times. Famous pirates visited the city like Francis Drake, who was called a pirate from the Spanish part, but who was knighted on the other by the British Queen Elizabeth, just like John Hawkins or Henry Morgan. The city was forced to endure the regular attacks of these unwanted visitors for about 160 years until the city's Spanish leadership finally decided to strengthen the city and begin building the city wall in 1686. Under the leadership of the French engineer Louis Bouchard, about 2560 meters long city wall was built until 1706 , with an unusual hexagon shape that surrounded the inner part of the city, reinforced by 8 bastions. Since 1999, Campeche has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its original preserved old town, its beautiful colonial buildings, and the first cathedral of Yucatan will be seen among other things in our panoramic sightseeing.

    In the evening we go to our hotel. Evening at leisure. Meal plan: breakfast at the hotel, optional lunch during our trip and dinner in the hotel’s A’la carte restaurant. (Not included in the package!).

  • Day 5: Campeche – Edzna – Uxmal - Merida

    Breakfast at the hotel and departure to the archaeological area of ​​Edzna, where we look at another major station of our cruise. Edzna's name means "The House of Itza", which allowed the archeologists to infer that they were under the influence of the Itzá family who established Chichen Itzá. Approximately 25,000 people lived in the 25 km2 area, almost half as much as in Coba. Edzna deepens our knowledge about the Mayas, raising further questions about this intelligent society. Its advanced water supply system consisted of 13 main channels, 31 sub-channels and 84 reservoirs and secured the city's uninterrupted water supply. Edzna was inhabited from 600 BC to 1450 AD. It maintained strong commercial relations with the landowners of salt, cotton and sea products, which explains the similarity of style found on carved decorations. In 1450 it suddenly depopulated. Until today, its an undiscovered mystery how and where its inhabitants disappeared. In the center of Edzna, you can see the "Great Acropolis", which means Sun Point, Five Level Castle, which rises with its 5 levels up to a height of 40 meters, the "Knife Platform", the "Masquerade Temple". We also get convinced by the excellent acoustics of the place.

    Then we continue our journey to Uxmal in State Yucatan which is one of the most cherished Maya towns famous for its rounded pyramids. Its name means "built three times". UNESCO World Heritage Site Uxmal is a beautiful blend of jungle and wide open spaces. As fewer tourists come all the way here, we can admire the unique creation of Maya architecture in a gentle way. Most Maya cities are usually blended with architectural styles but Uxmal is an exception. There is only one style that appears here, the Mayan Puce architecture, which can be easily perceived. The bottom of the buildings is smooth and rounded. The upper parts, however, are richly decorated. In Uxmal, Chac rain god had a major importance because this city did not have cenotes with fresh water supplies. So the rainwater collection had to be solved with cisterns. We will see the most important sights of Uxmal, the "Pyramid of the Wizard", the "Nunnery", the "Governor's Palace", the "Turtle's House" and the "Great Pyramid", where you can climb the ruins and admire the panoramic view. Thanks to the ruins we will start an interactive program. We visit the Chocolate Museum where we get acquainted with the traditional way of making chocolates, freshly made hot chocolate, and then go through the various exhibitions of the museum to learn how the life of a Maya family looked like. We close our visit with a Mayan ritual. After this attraction-rich and fulfilling program, we go to Merida, the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula.

    In the evening we check in to our hotel. Evening at leisure. Meal plan: breakfast at the hotel, optional lunch during our trip and dinner in the hotel’s A’la carte restaurant. (Not included in the package!).

  • Day 6: Merida – Chichen Itzá – Valladolid - Riviera Maya

    Breakfast is in the hotel then we head to discover Merida. First of all, we enter the everyday life of the city's inhabitants while visiting the huge, renowned Lucas de Galves market, which has been a popular shopping spot for locals for nearly 130 years. The authentic Mexican market gives place for more than two thousand vendors. Here you can get to know the exotic spices, tropical fruits and vegetables, taste them, but you can choose from handicraft items or colorful Mexican dresses, as well. Primarily not souvenirs are sold here for tourists, but everything that local residents need. With a little luck we can get some authentic pieces. We get a taste of the local’s everyday and features. From this hustle and bustle, we continue our journey in Merida's Old Town, and during our pedestrian tour we admire the colorful colonial buildings. The old town also lives its renaissance among the locals as more and more people decide to move back to the old colonial buildings, so we always have a busy life in Merida. After seeing Merida's top attractions, we head to the best-known and most visited historic site of the Yucatan Peninsula, Chichen Itzá. Chichen Itzá is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it also won the title of one of the 7 Wonders of the World in 2006. Its worldwide reputation and popularity is not a coincidence. The former large city over 30 km2 has reached its peak of 950 BC. At this time, Chichen Itzá was the largest mythic city of Central America and it became one of the most important centers of the Kukulkan cult, as well.  Kukulkan, the” Feathered Serpent” or in Mayan language called "Queztalcoatl" appears in most monuments. The most famous buildings of the city are found on the North side of the Main Square. The pyramid "El Castillo" rises in the middle, with its 9 level tops being guarded by columns of Feathered Serpent. The pyramid was devoted to this majesty. Due to the exact size and orientation of the pyramid, at the time of the equinox the  shadow of the building forms the body of a snake, and the head and tail of the snake can be seen on the side of the pyramid. Magical sight. Here is the famous Chac Mool sculpture, the lying male figure and the belly with the typical donation bowl. This statue appears in many places, an emblematic figure of the Yucatan Peninsula. The building complex known as the Nunnery annex, a circular building called Caracol, which served as a star observer count as one of the main attractions. All of them were built in Puuc's architectural style. During our expedition we see the "Temple of Warriors", "Color House", "Bones", "Ball Game Place", "Temple of Jaguars", "Ritual Cenote". After seeing the sights and supposedly filling our memory cards with plenty of photos, we will continue our journey to Riviera Maya. On the way we will get to Valladolid. The city founded by the Spanish conquerors in 1547 was built in the place of a former Mayan city. During our panoramic sightseeing we visit the San Servacio church and the colonial downtown. Then we continue our journey and at our next stop, we get to know the world famous Mexican national drink Tequila! We visit the Mayapan Tequila Distillery where we look at the Agavé plantations surrounding the factory, from which the tequila is made, and then get acquainted with the process of tequila making and tasting. Then we head to the Maya Riviera. Our enduring trip to Riviera Maya is completed at the selected beachfront All inclusive hotel. End of the guided tour.

    In the evening check in to the hotel. Evening at leisure. Meal plan: breakfast at the hotel, optional lunch during our trip (Not included in the package!) and dinner in the all inclusive hotel. 

  • Day 7: Beach Holiday

    Free time at the beach; relax on the beach, use of All inclusive hotel services. The water sports of the hotel are free for your use: Mini Catamaran, Kayak, surf. Daily animation programs and night shows ensure your entertainment in the resort. Option for optional excursions from the hotel.

    Meal plan: All inclusive

    The basic package is extensible with extra nights upon request!

  • Day 8: Farewell

    Free time in the morning. Check out until noon. You can use the hotel facilities until the transfer.

    For extra cost, you can buy „Late check-out” services on site. In the afternoon transfer to the airport, leaving to home country. End of services

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