Round trips
Grand Cuba Trail Round Trip

15 Days 14 Nights

Group: 2 - 20 People


9.3 Superb


This itinerary combines day walks and touring to savor the delights of rural Cuba. Trails pass through a fascinating mixture of scenery and habitats, in national parks, coffee, cocoa, banana and tobacco plantations. This holiday for nature lovers takes you through forests where you walk to the accompaniment of birds and the scent of mariposa (Cuba national flower), across streams and waterfalls, past the mogotes of Viñales, with its tobacco and rice plantations and landscape awash with flame trees, bougainvillea and hibiscus. The mostly flat plains of Cuba's landscape are divided by three distinct mountain ranges. To the west, we walk through tobacco fields, pass by rustic farmlands and explore underground caves in lush Viñales Valley, a mountainous area full of incredible limestone karsts. On the pine covered slopes of the Sierra del Escambray we have the chance to spot hummingbirds and listen out for the distinctive call of the Cuban national bird, the Tocororo. Travelling east we reach the Sierra Maestra where we trek to Fidel's jungle hide-out and ascend Pico Turquino, the highest point in Cuba. Our journey wouldn't be complete without time to explore the faded colonial splendor of Trinidad and Havana, two UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are best discovered on foot. 

  • 15 Days 14 Nights,
  • Group: 2 - 20 People,
  • Cuba




Departure Time

Every month

Dress Code

Casual, comfortable and light

Price Includes
  • Accommondation

  • Program as of description

  • Specialized local guide

  • Entrances and meals where indicated

  • Breakfast

  • Transportation during the program

Price Excludes
  • Flights

  • Insurance, Visa

  • Optional meals, drinks

  • Optional tours, tips

Tour Gallery
Tour Plan
  • Day 1: Arrival

    Arrival to Cuba in the afternoon. Meet & Greet at the airport, meeting the local tour guide and transfer to the hotel. Check in. Evening at leisure. Meals: Dinner is optional, price excluded.

  • Day 2: Havana

    After breakfast we start a full day sightseeing tour of Havana, also called the Paris of Latin America. Havana captivates everybody, this real Caribbean metropolis has a unique atmosphere, where a time travel tempt us, where the Colonial era, the mark of the ‘50s US mob’s mark and the retro, socialist present is simultaneously existing. We start a panoramic city tour of modern Havana, we cross Havana's famous seaside promenade, the Malecon which is a favorite meeting place for locals, we can admire the mansions of the Paseo, then stop at the Revolution Square where the Jose Marti Memorial is located. On the way back to we drive next to the world-famous Colon cemetery that is the world’s richest cemetery with more than 500 statues, and arrive to the old town. We visit the Havana Club Rum Museum where we get acquainted with the making of the world famous Cuban rum, the growing and processing steps of sugar cane to follow through the process until it has matured, barrel filling, bottling, and we close the visit with a tasting. We can purchase the original Havana Club memorabilia, as well as can taste the typical Cuban drink called Guarapo made from fresh sugar cane and the excellent Cuban cocktail, Guarabana. After it we start to explore the old town on foot with its rich cultural and historical attractions, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. Visit the Plaza de Armas, the "Arms’ Square", the Governor's palace, while we can hunt local antiques at the authentic antique market, walk through the Plaza San Francisco where we look at the old Stock Exchange Palace and St. Francis of Assis Church and the Cathedral Square. Then we visit La Plaza Vieja, the "Old Square". Our lunch will be served in a typical local restaurant. After lunch we join in Hemingway's footsteps: we visit the famous Hotel Ambos Mundos where the "Whom the Bell Tolls" was born. We visit the hotel room and the thematic exhibition. Then stop at Hemingway's favorite places, La Bodeguita del Medio and La Floridita bars, where the world famous "Mojito" and "Daiquiri" cocktails began their journey of conquest. Then visit the outdoor exhibition of the Revolutionary Museum, where the famous ship Granma is exhibited, we can see where Fidel and the other revolutionaries landed to launch the revolution. In the afternoon return to the hotel. Evening at leisure. Meal plan: breakfast. Full board plan available.

    Optional program: Visit the famous Tropicana Show 

  • Day 3: Havana - Santiago de Cuba

    After breakfast we travel to Havana airport, cross the country with  domestic flight to the eastern part of the country, to Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city in the country, yet with a small town atmosphere. The city has its cultural importance, especially in the music scene, it is the birthplace of salsa and maybe the Cuban folk music is cultivated best here. We explore Santiago de Cuba on foot. We visit the city’s main square  (Parque Cespedes) and the building of Casa de la Trova, which is home to the Cuban traditional music. Lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon we continue to explore the narrow streets and squared of Santiago de Cuba. Evening at leisure. Accommodation in Santiago de Cuba.  Meal plan: breakfast. Half board option available.

  • Day 4: Santiago de Cuba – Bayamo – Sierra Maestra

    In the morning we leave the lovely city of Santiago de Cuba, travel to the Sierra Maestra, the island's highest mountain range. Along the way stop at a charming little town of Bayamo, where we relax at a walk in the city center. Then we arrive to the feet of the Sierra Maestra, that has particularly rich flora and fauna, the most beautiful landscapes are protected by national parks. Cuba's highest peaks rise here and the tropical cloud forest is breathtaking. In the afternoon we arrive at the northern edge of the mountain where our hotel is located, where we spend two nights in a row.  Evening at leisure. Accommodation: Sierra Maestra. Meal plan: full board

  • Day 5: Sierra Maestra

    We start our day with a  hike in the Sierra Maestra Mountains. Early in the morning we travel 4X4 vehicles to the lookout point called Alto del Naranjo (1000m), from where we continue our journey on foot. We trek in a real jungle, unique fog forest. Since the local micro-climate is favorable to the formation of fog, the many trees in fog settles even more mysterious places the tropical jungle. We enjoy our packed lunch during the tour, and then in the afternoon we come back to the starting point of our tour. Distance: 14 km, elevation: up 900 m, down 900 m (***). We travel back to our hotel with 4X4 vehicles.

    Meal plan: full board

  • Day 6: Sierra Maestra – Comandancia de le Plata – Camagüey

    Early in the morning we go again hiking in the Sierra Maestra Mountains. 4X4 vehicles get us back to the Alto del Naranjo lookout, but from a different direction, then we start our walking tour. Our goal is about 3 kilometers away, called “Comandancia de la Plata”, which we reach through a hike. The local forest, if possible, is even more beautiful than the previous day’s, almost like a botanical garden. Castro's former residence, and you can view his headquarters, which led to the revolution, a museum and a field hospital. We should not be shooting the cameras in front of the command, you must have retained two kilometers. Around noon we arrive back to the Naranjo Alto lookout point, where we eat our picnic lunch, and then we return to our hotel. Distance: 6 km, elevation: up to 250 m, down 250 m. (**) Here we take a bus and the rest of the day is spent traveling. In the late afternoon we arrive at the city of Camagüey. Evening for leisure. Meal plan: full board

  • Day 7: Camagüey – Playa Ancon

    The city of Camagüey, the third largest city in Cuba, with three hundred thousand inhabitants is the center of Camagüey province. The colonial buildings, winding streets, numerous temples and old market places immediately fascinate every traveler. The streets are designed switchback style to protect the city from pirate attacks. During our sightseeing we visit to the cathedral, which - similarly to many churches Camagüey – was refurbished from the donations receives after the visit Pope John Paul II in 1998. Later we will have free time to discover the city center by our own; we can wander in the center, sit down at a bar and get into a chat with locals (of course only in Spanish). After lunch we take bus and travel to the Playa Ancon Beach located in the central part of the south coast line. Along the way we stop at the famous valley of sugar mills, that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Manaca Iznaga estate. It is possible to climb the seven stories tower that offers a beautiful panorama. We arrive to our hotel in the late afternoon, where we spend two nights in a row. After check in we can do a walk on the beach or splash in the sea, then we will have dinner in the hotel restaurant. Meal plan: full board

  • Day 8: Playa Ancon – Trinidad – Playa Ancon

    The morning we spend in Trinidad, a small colonial town founded more than 500 years ago that was once attributed by the abundance of its sugar cane plantations. Here, we discover another face of Cuba. Our journey is made not only on ground but in time, too. Trinidad preserves the uniqueness atmosphere of the colonial era. While walking along the small winding streets we have the feeling as if we would have flown back in time. Sightseeing in the UNESCO World Heritage city; visit the Plaza Mayor, The Tower of Contrabandido, the Cathedral, La Santissima Trinidad Square and the exhibition of the Romantic Museum. The museum is located in the palace of the town's richest family with balustrade yard, marble floors, and neoclassical decoration; walking among the frescoes of the city's wealthiest merchant family we can enjoy the assembled exhibition of articles. Later we walk in the old town and stop at the famous Canchanchara bar where you can sample the authentic drink of Trinidad, special cocktail still made from the original recipe of Aguardiente and honey, called Canchanchara. For lunch, we return to our beach hotel at Playa Ancon. The afternoon we can spend with beach activities in the Caribbean Sea or we can return to the city that is 12 kilometer far and immerse yourself in the bustle of the city. In the evening a local band is playing next to the Cathedral, where we can try our dance knowledge and dance with locals. Meal plan: full board

  • Day 9: Playa Ancon – Topes del Collantes – Playa Giron

    After breakfast we leave the hotel and go hiking to the nearby Topes de Collantes Mountains. We arrive to our starting point (800 m), from where we take a walk to explore the waterfalls of Salto del Caburní. Our path meanders through a beautiful forest, while we have a great view of the surrounding mountain ranges. The great waterfall pours under from a height of 62 m, and creates an idyllic natural swimming pool. We can have a bath here even though the water comes from the depths of the mountains; it is ice cold karst water. Distance: 5 miles, level: at 300 m, at 300 m. (**) We have our lunch at a local farmer’s house. After lunch we travel to the Zapata Peninsula, the country’s largest marsh. The quiet, marshy, swampy area provides ideal habitat for birds and crocodiles. The accommodation is at Playa Giron Beach where we spend the night. Meal plan: full board

  • Day 10: Playa Giron – Laguna de Tresoro – Viñales Valley

    After breakfast we take a 20 minutes speedboat tour on the natural lagoon, the Laguna de Tresoro, where the unspoiled nature can be observed, migrating and endemic birds and can be seen. Then visit the Aldea Taino, the reconstructed Taino indian village where we learn about the customs of the indigenous Indians. Then visit the country’s largest crocodile breeding farm, where we can observe hundreds of these reptiles in their natural habitat. We visit the crocodile nursery; here the braves may hold the yet harmless infants in their hands. We have lunch at the Boca, where we can try tasting the crocodile meat, also. After lunch we take a long journey to the famous Viñales Valley. This is the region where Cuba's most famous tobacco is grown, and if the rumors are true, this is the place for the best tobacco leaves in the world, the raw material of the world famous Cuban cigars. The stunning countryside, as the red earth covered with tropical valleys, “mogotes” are rising into the sky, with often 300-400 meters height. In the ancient geological past, this region was flat, but below the surface exist an extensive network of underground water. Our accommodation in Viñales Valley, where we spend the night. Meal plan: full board

  • Day 11: Viñales Valley – Indian Cave – Maria la Gorda

    After breakfast, we tour the fantastic Viñales Valley Mountains on horseback. If you haven’t ridden yet, don’t worry, our tour leader is well experienced and our local horses know the way very well as well as the habits of the tourists. We spend about one hour riding the horses when we ride rich tobacco fields and villages as well as spectacular landscape. Then we visit Indian Cave on foot and by small motorboats. We can observe the stunning beauty of the stalactite cave, the inside of the Viñales Valley Mogotes. After visiting the cave, we have our lunch then we take our bus and head for the Caribbean. After a few hours of travel we arrive at Maria la Gorda beach that is nothing more than a beach hotel. Its neighborhood is just the undisturbed nature, no inhabitants live in the area. We spend three nights in a row in this hotel enjoying the nature and the beach. Meal plan: full board

  • Day 12: Maria la Gorda

    We spend these two days at the beautiful Caribbean Sea, undoubtedly one of Cuba's most beautiful coasts. Maria la Gorda, the Guanahacabibes peninsula is a UNESCO biosphere reserve area, since there are many species of birds, plants, mammals and reptiles native to the region. Mangrove swamps to the north, white sandy beaches and coral reefs alternate in the south. This is Cuba's westernmost accommodation. As the place is quite far from all huge large resorts, this place is guaranteed without crowd! You can relax on the palm-lined, white-sand Caribbean beach, or have beach activities throughout the day, and the hotel's dive center is organizing snorkeling and diving tours. Meal plan: full board

  • Day 13: Maria la Gorda

    We spend these two days at the beautiful Caribbean Sea, undoubtedly one of Cuba's most beautiful coasts. Maria la Gorda, the Guanahacabibes peninsula is a UNESCO biosphere reserve area, since there are many species of birds, plants, mammals and reptiles native to the region. Mangrove swamps to the north, white sandy beaches and coral reefs alternate in the south. This is Cuba's westernmost accommodation. As the place is quite far from all huge large resorts, this place is guaranteed without crowd! You can relax on the palm-lined, white-sand Caribbean beach, or have beach activities throughout the day, and the hotel's dive center is organizing snorkeling and diving tours. Meal plan: full board

  • Day 14: Maria la Gorda – Pinar del Rio - Havana

    In the morning we leave the idyllic beach of Maria la Gorda, and travel to Pinar del Rio city, where we visit one of the most famous Cuban cigar factories and see how the tobacco leaves are rolled into expensive cigars. The factory has a wide range of cigars. Lunch at a local restaurant, and then we leave to Havana, where we will arrive in the late afternoon. In the evening, we can roam the narrow streets of the old town and look for a charming musical entertainment, where we can listen to the songs of passionate Cubans. Meal plan: full board

  • Day 15: Farewell

    We can spend the last day on our own in Havana. It is worth to take advantage and roam the city center, because lots of places of interest, various museums, cozy bars and some shops can be found. But it's also worth just sitting on a bench watching the lives of Cubans. In the late afternoon we go to the Havana International Airport, from where our plane departs back home.

    Meal plan: breakfast

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