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In the corporate world, there’s a game-changing way to enhance team building and leadership skills that’s gaining serious momentum – Corporate Retreats. And at Marysol Travel Services, we're embracing this trend and giving it a unique twist.

Let's face it - the same four walls of an office or boardroom can only do so much for creativity and inspiration. The concept behind a corporate retreat is pretty simple: take the team out of their typical environment and place them somewhere completely new and exciting. We believe a change in latitude can spark a change in attitude.

We’ve been crafting unique travel experiences for 15 years, and we’re super excited about launching our Corporate Leadership Retreats. We’re talking leadership development against the stunning backdrops of Cuba and Mexico. Imagine, your team building bridges not just among themselves but with vibrant, culturally rich communities. Isn’t that something?

Why Retreats? Why Not?

Yes, traditional corporate development has its perks. But it's the retreats that add the ‘extra’ to the ordinary. A change of scene stimulates the brain, opens up new neural pathways, and boosts creativity. The chance to explore unfamiliar terrain can lead to innovative ideas that might never have surfaced in the regular workspace.

And the benefits go beyond just the professional. Retreats offer team members an opportunity to connect on a deeper level, improving collaboration and communication. Plus, the retreat environment often gives people a chance to unwind, recharge and return to work re-energized and ready to tackle challenges with renewed zest.

What Makes Marysol Travel’s Retreats Different?

Glad you asked! We’re all about creating a balance between structured activities that foster team-building and leadership skills, and leisure time for exploring and immersing in the local culture.

In partnership with Divia Creations, we’re offering a holistic approach to leadership development. Our retreats aren't just about professional growth; they’re about embracing leadership development as an adventure that blends personal growth with the joy of discovery.

Ready for a Change in Scenery?

So, as we mark our 15-year milestone and the launch of our new website, we invite you to check out our Corporate Leadership Retreats at This isn’t about escaping the office, it’s about embracing a new way to inspire and motivate your team. Let’s redefine corporate development, one retreat at a time!

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